Photo: Alex Micheu Photography/Flickr

Red Bull Auf Wiedersehen!

What can you say for a game of archenemies? Red Bull vs Zagreb is a match always worth watching, ever since 2009. and epic over time wins, 2010 and 2011 playoffs, epic games with record fast three goals in 16.500 people packed Arena Zagreb…

Medvescak lacks Perkovich (season is over),Puskarich with Deutsch, while Red Bull went on a trip without Generous, Heinrich, Latusa and Herburger.

Just two minutes into the game Raffl-Schremp-Mueller decided to capitalize on Tikkanen’s (MDV) holding penalty for game leading 0-1. Morley made a mistake on a blue line where Mueller passed him and scored for 0-1 from the slot over screened Poulin.

Tikkanen and Morley tried to redeem themselves for next fifteen minutes when Morley stole the puck in the middle, went with Tikkanen and Olden into offensive zone passed the puck from middle to Olden who skated around the defenseman and put the backhanded goal in for a tie and the end of the first period. Red Bull had the offense, Bears have Poulin and that was it.

Period of many goals

In second, the bears started with the offensive, tested old acquaintance Gračnar and went for their first lead of the game. Huber was out for checking to the head and Bears went to man-advantage. Olden was again the engine of the goal, driving the bears into the offensive zone. Tikkanen set up the goal, blocked the puck from going into the neutral passed into slot fooled Gračnar and tipped the puck to Koskiranta who couldn’t do much but to score. 2-1 Bears.

It took “the Bulls” only four minutes to equalize. Red Bull was pressing hard, cycling the puck in the Bear’s zone and being a physical threat. Muller dug out the puck in the corner, skated to the blue line, passed on one timer to Viveiros. Poulin got the shot but bounced the puck right to Schremp’s stick and all he had to do was tip the puck into the goal for 2-2. The period wasn’t over however. Medveščak couldn’t get out, Red Bull was dominating when blocked the shot, Olden, Mahbod and Brine went into the offensive, skated hard, Mahbod and Olden passed the puck through Trattnig and when everyone thought Gračnar had it – the ref blew the whistle and signaled: “Good goal” for 3:2 Bears. A rookie mistake cost the Bears another lead. Hughes was in the “Gretzky office” behind the goal, drew the bears fire and passed the puck to lone Rauchenwald in front of Poulin. Some set up and a quick wrister and we’ve got another tie.

The last period started well for the home team. “You’ll never walked alone” crowd roared when two minutes in Harris Brant checked Rajsar and there was blood. As with all the slashes and checks with blood, Brant was sent off with game misconduct and Bears went on a 5 minute long powerplay. With 13 seconds left till the end of game disadvantage – Red Bull succumbed to the Bears’ pressure. Third lead of the game for the Bears and a first goal for Boivin and third point for Morley. The shock wasn’t over when another goal shook Gračnar’s net. For the fifth time he had to pick up the puck from his net and it was a hat trick for Olden. Another poweplay, second of the night (Schremp – slash). Gračnar just couldn’t keep the puck on him, Morley was on the goal line, passed the puck to soaring Olden and he put it past the, not so young, Slovenian.

By the end of the period only scare was when Zanoški was in the sin bin and the Bulls pulled Gračnar in for the sixth player. However, with few seconds left, Zanoški skated back in, battled for the puck and stole it. It wasn’t hard for the seasoned ice gladiator to score an empty netter for his third of the season. For sure Bears are now one of the best teams when playing home but worst when playing away. Trip to Szekesfehervar is a time for them to start playing well away.

Photo: Alex Micheu Photography/Flickr