KHL: Rendulić to become a Knight

Borna Rendulić is moving to KHL! A move that took Rendulić from NHL to Liiga to KHL was bound to happen. After injury prone sophmore season with the NHL team Colorado Avalanche, Rendulić went on to sign with Vancouver Canucks but felt he didn’t get the chance to prove himself.

In the season 2017/18 Rendulić proceeded to sign with the Liiga team “Lahti Pelicans” where he’s currently sharing a top spot among goalscorers and is one of the top players. For the remainder of the 17/18 season Rendulić will be a knight in KHL. On Monday afternoon Rendulić signed his first KHL contract with the team from Moscow county – Vityaz Podolsk, a once notorious team in the KHL. Rendulić’s contract goes on for two seasons and will be perfect for him to show his skills in one of the world’s best league.

Croatian National Team Captain Rendulić commented for “I’d like to thank Pelicans who brought me at the end of the summer, gave me a chance to play and show my skills. Just being back in Finland was something I was dreaming off and I hope I’ll be back someday again, maybe even to finish my career in Liiga.” Rendulić continued: “A chance to play in the KHL is huge, I feel like I didn’t showcase my skills in the NHL and this is a good way to prove my worth. Vityaz is a big team, has lots of history and I believe I can be a worthy addition to the knights.”