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Karjala Cup: Flying Finns

Day 2 of the Karjala Cup brought no more surprises. The Finns continue their march being unstoppable in the Euro Hockey Tour. So far, so good – they’re on track to repeat the title.

Czech Republic – Sweden 3:4 (0:0, 3:3, 0:0 – 0:0, 0:1) SO

Simon Hrubec got his national team debut, kept a clean sheet in the first period and in the end won a point for team Czech Republic. The first period had ended with no goals nor penalties, but the Czechs had more of the play. Simon, Radil and Filippi found themselves in scoring position in the second half of the period, but couldn’t outplay Lundgren.

The show in the second period started early – Tomas Zohorna was in the box serving a tripping penalty, Jimmie Ericsson took it and scored at 21:17 to get the lead. He doubled 22 seconds later.

At 22:20 Tomas Filippi made it 2:1 keeping the Czechs still in the game. They were completely back and running when Petr Zamorsky and Radek Smolenak added their tallies to get the lead. It was short-term thoug – Smolenak scored at 39:23, but Andre Petersson tied at 39:46.

The game ended with the score tied at 3 which pushed it to overtime. Sweden finally got a win in the shootout as Linus Klasen scored the game winning shot. Sweden has now won two in a row, both in the shutout.

Russia – Finland 2:6 (1:1, 1:4, 0:1)

Teemu Hartikainen picked up two points and Atten Engren in net stood firm at 93.10 SVS% to mark team Finland’s second win at the current Karjala Cup. Not even Russia’s biggest star Ilya Kovalchuk could help them today.

Esa Lindell marked the game-winner at 28:55 breaking the tied score at 2. From that point on, it was a downslide for the Russians.

Jarkko Immonen scored on the powerplay at 19:3, tying the game at 1 after Artemy Panarin had scored midway through the first.

It was the second period that the Russians fell short to the Finns. Despite taking the lead through Denis Kokarev half a minute in, Janne Pesonen, Kristian Näkyvä and Oskar Osala scored each a goal, lifting the flying Finns high above the Russians.

By the end Teemu Hartikainen sealed it midway through the closing period.

Despite allowing six goals on 25 shots, Vasily Koshechkin was kept between the pipes until the final horn.

Photo: youvebeenczeched/Flickr