Shedden: “It’s a Do or Die Attitude“

ZAGREB - Severstal Cherepovets at KHL Medveščak Zagreb - Dom sportova, 14/09/2014 (Krume Ivanovski/

ZAGREB – Severstal Cherepovets at KHL Medveščak Zagreb – Dom sportova, 14/09/2014 (Krume Ivanovski/

To one it may seem that the return from the Spengler Cup was a turning point in Medveščak’s season, having one seven out of 12 games. However, the hole that the team has been digging itself from September to November may just be too deep for the Bears to make successful push for the postseason. Theoretically, it is possible, and the calculations are rather simple, but to actually execute it, is far from rather simple.

“In January, we’ve gotten ourselves back in the race, but since our last break, teams have caught up with games, all won their games“ said Shedden. “The last game in Minsk was a huge game for us and we thought we had to win three out of four games on that trip, so that set us back. I’m really proud with how the guys played in January. We’ve played our best hockey and we’ve given ourselves a chance“

The Bears have set out for their final road trip of the regular season, making their first stop in Cherepovets, to face Severstal.

“Excpectations have to be very high“ said Bill Thomas. “Obviously, we know where we’re stand, ten points out with Torpedo getting some wins during this time now that we’ve had off. We’re going to have to win all four games on the road trip right now to give us a chance at home to make the playoffs“

“We’re going to need to win all these games“ said Andrew Murray. “Obviously, with the way we’re in the standings. A lot of the teams we’re playing are just above us, it’s going to be some important games. We know going into those buildings, those are tough places to play in, tough teams, we’re going to need to bring our best effort“

“Hard work, determination“ said Thomas. “Obviously, they’re going to be fighting just as hard as us, they’re right there in the standings. We’ll just have to stick with our system, stick with the game plan, have the mentality that we can still pull this off, not look past the deficit of the ten points that we need and just take it one game at the time“

“Well, it’s one of those things where it looks a little bleak right now, it doesn’t look good, but if we win Wednesday, we’ll see how everybody else does“ said Shedden. “This time of the year, with the situation we’re in, there’s a lot of scoreboard watching and hopefully you get some help somewhere else, but at the same time, we need to help ourselves to give ourselves a chance. It’s a do or die attitude“