Hockey drinking team Part II: Another scandal in Austria

Hockey players love beer, just like many of us. But there is a time and a place for drinking. The Austrian players crossed the line by making that place it the Olympics Games in Sochi. In case you already didn’t know, before the quarterfinals, some players stayed out and intoxicated themselves until 6 AM. The scandal ended with fines for the players. 

Allegedly, a new Austrian drinking problem is coming to surface, this time from Villach. VSV ended their season in the Ebel semi-finals and their scape goat is – John Hughes. The morning after Bolzano kicked them out of the playoffs, Villach cancelled its contract with their best player.

Hughes is the league’s top centre, 85 points in 54 games speaks for itself. But according to hockey sources, he was partying away the night before the fourth game vs. Bolzano. It’s definitely hard to believe that Villach would chase its best player of the club for no good reason. Or perhaps Hughes found a new club elsewhere and Villach is just feeling a little bitter…

In the other Ebel news – Linz players Pat Leahy, Michael Mayr, Andy Hedlund, Lorenz Hirn retire from the game of hockey while Kyle Wharton is a new KAC player.