KHL Medveščak - EC KAC 29.8.2014. Zagreb

End of an era: Medveščak to move to London?

The front office of KHL Medveščak Zagreb adressed reports of alleged move of the Zagreb based KHL team to London, UK:

Following media inquiries and articles, both domestic and international, about the possible relocation of KHL Medvescak Zagreb to Great Britain, more specifically London, we bring the Club’s official statement:

KHL MEDVESCAK Zagreb is a Croatian ice-hockey club and as such it remains to operate in Croatia, specifically, Zagreb. There were and are no ongoing negotiations or plans about relocating Medvescak as a club to Great Britain or any other country or town.

Medvescak is pleased and in a position to be able to offer their knowledge and experience in starting and running a KHL club if there will be any interest or need for it.

Whether or not Medvescak will stay part of the KHL after this fourth, so called ‘bonus season’; after the first three planned season, depends on the interest and good will of international and domestic sponsors and partners which finance the Club right now or would be willing to financially support this project in the future.


Ranko Vucinic, spokesman



It is clear that Medvescak, as a legal entity will not be moved to London. There will be a new club that could (and probably will) take on player and staff contracts and, as is rumored, will be run by several of Zagreb’s front office managers. In Europe clubs function slightly different than the USA’s franchises. Rarely do we see this in Europe, and this won’t be the case neither.

Medvescak will continue to function as an amateur’s club in a way it functioned since early 1990ies. The club will still have youth’s division, amateur men’s team, and will stay in Zagreb. The club has little to none of property, other than intellectual, or movable property. It has no legal obligations towards the maintenance of the hall, ice rinks or other properties.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the club, it’s no secret that many of the fans secretly root for the return to local, Austria based, EBEL league. Could it be the new renaissance for the fan stricken and troubled team?

KHL Medveščak – EC KAC 29.8.2014. Zagreb